University: professors worry about the level of their students


Some universities have reopened their doors to first year students. However, the teachers are very worried!

Starting Monday, first year students can return to college. While this sounds like good news, it does lead to some complications.

Covid has changed the way we live. Including for students. It’s not easy for everyone to follow the courses from a distance, their eyes riveted on their screen.

Thus, for several weeks, the latter have been mobilizing to raise awareness of the State about their working conditions. Not without difficulty! Indeed, some of them have been able to return to the benches of the university today.

It was announced recently! The tutorials can be resumed face-to-face for first-year students, in half-groups of less than 10 people.

On the surface, this news seems to benefit students. They will have the opportunity to resume some semblance of social life. As well as regain their motivation!

They will also be able to address the teaching staff, which is not negligible. However, reopening the doors of university does not seem easy.


The reopening of some universities raises logistical issues. “We do not know the list of students who will have to be dispatched,” explains Armand Branchereau. The latter manages the LEA license of Bordeaux Montaigne.

“You have to be able to create groups and sub-groups in software. Another department has to work out the timetables and check that there are no incompatibilities. That is, if a student does not have a video course scheduled before or after. He continues.

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You will understand, the return of the students looks like a real headache. But that’s not all ! Apart from logistical or budgetary problems, there is another worrying point.

This is about the student level. “We were able to observe during the January exams students leaving the room earlier. Who make white copies … even some who cry in front of the copies “, explains Hélène Manuelian, director of human sciences and letters in Cergy, at the microphone of Europe 1.

“We have seen some very painful things, and the results may discourage a lot of people. On an auditorium of 150 students, we lose 30, so one in five students. But now I think it’s more like one in three. », Then continues Hélène Manuelian.

Before adding: “We have a problem of knowledge, but also of advancement in the programs. You can’t go as fast in distance as in face-to-face. “. Ouch!

This is a very negative assessment for universities. We still hope that student life can resume its course very quickly. To be continued !


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