University: Corsican students extremely impacted by Brexit!


Brexit is impacting the Erasmus program. And Corsican students are paying the price. It will be less easy to leave.

Brexit is starting to fall into place. Suddenly, certain problems arise. Especially on the side of Corsican students. It will no longer be possible to easily study in the United Kingdom. From next year, the proceedings will be much harder.

This year, 9,600 young French people went to British universities. On the other hand, 4,700 English students came to France. A link between the two countries that has existed since 1987. But this time the rupture is a little hard, so we will have to compose. And above all to adapt!

Especially since the United Kingdom was the most popular destination in the Erasmus system. The reason ? Universities that are normally overpriced end up at fair prices through the system. But with Brexit things will really change. And so it worries a lot.

In Corsica, the Universities are already taking measures. “In the UK our students are international students like everyone else. This implies in both cases the need to obtain visas and residence permits. »Explains Emilie Simon to Corse-Matin.


But we will have to find solutions. Because if for the year 2021/2022, the program is still there, it will not be forever. After that, we will have to find other partnerships. Around 10 Corsican students go to England each year.

Certain solutions are therefore being studied. For example, sending students to Northern Ireland. The advantage: the language is the same, and the area looks the same. But to obtain agreements, it will also be necessary to make an effort on the side of Corsica.

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“An exchange is take and give. What has always hampered us in negotiating partnerships is the lack of courses. But also supports, courses in English in our training. », Explains the head of exchanges. This would therefore be a real plus for the students. We hope for them!


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