University of California Students Bring Canceled Graduation Ceremony to Minecraft


University of California students mobilized to experience the joy of graduation together. Hundreds of students move the campus to the world of Minecraft in full detail.

Education was interrupted in many countries due to the coronavirus epidemic, and students are now yearning for their schools. A University of California students with a sense of humor, a canceled graduation, and plenty of free time are taking the Berkeley campus to Minecraft.

University of California student Bjorn Lustic brought the idea of ​​recreating the graduation ceremony in Minecraft. Likes that come up with the idea he created on Facebook and other students who want to help turn the Berkeley campus into a pixelated view in Minecraft on a full scale.

Hundreds of students mobilized to move Berkeley campus to Minecraft
Lustic originally planned to build the Memorial Stadium on campus with his friend Hunter Hall. However, when they realized that they could not complete the bilateral project on their own, they invited students to the Facebook group called Overheard at Berkeley. Thus, the project called “Blockeley University” turned into a wide-ranging mobilization with the help of other students in a short time.

The project initially started with about ten people on the Discord server. With the spread of the idea, more than 500 students joined the project and started using satellite data to create a 1-1 scale model of the entire school. “Actually, our intention was not to build the entire campus. We were expecting a maximum of maybe a hundred people for a fun Minecraft graduation party. The project has grown a lot and is now self-sustaining.” said.

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Blockeley University to revive campus memories of people
Hall and Lustic started the project with the Memorial Stadium, where graduation ceremonies took place. They worked to build the site and identify larger structures, but they also added details specific to their Berkeley experience. Both were former members of the university rowing team and spent a lot of time in the storage area of ​​the stadium.

Most of the students involved in building a Minecraft campus did not meet each other in real life. Even Hall and Lustic have not spoken until the Minecraft project, although they have been in the same class for 4 years. The two say that people came together to revive the campus memories.

The group focuses on training the design they call Blockeley University until graduation. The University of California is partnering with students during this process and will grant a free Minecraft account for graduation day to anyone who wants to join.


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