Universal Orlando Just Landed a Hit on a $5,000 Disney Wish Cocktail, And It’s Wild


Since Disney Wish is currently on the voyage, and journalists and influencers on board are covering the experience in detail, a rather expensive cocktail has become a kind of stumbling block. The $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal cocktail offered in the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge is the subject of numerous discussions on the Internet, and some are still puzzling over why this is such a profitable investment. Of course, leave Universal Orlando to hit that mix hard, with a firm tip of the hat towards an extinct attraction that is also gaining momentum.

As Universal Orlando Resort unveiled its own “Ocean Attack” cocktail served at Chez Alcatraz, Park’s Twitter presence sparked his typical acrimony. Taking as a basis the offer of refreshment for 5 thousand dollars, that’s what some expect to get for an increased price:

For $5,000, there should be a real shark in Ocean Attack. ​​June 30, 2022

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The drink, of course, is one of the many fun allusions to “Jaws: The Ride”; the attraction on the opening day of Universal Orlando, which was closed in 2012. To this day, fans are still voicing support for the return of this fixture to the park, in addition to all the other recent changes to Universal Park in Florida to make room. for a bright new future. As always, if another Orlando theme park makes a fuss, Universal Studios will be there to poke fun at them.

When it comes to some of Disney’s latest entertainment projects, the high price of roasting seems like something of a pastime. Some still call Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser a “failure”, despite the fact that expensive rooms were sold out in two months. Kaiburr Crystal from Disney Wish is just the latest of similar offerings to receive such treatment with his name.

While Ocean Attack isn’t a $5,000 spectacle like Kaiburr Crystal, the $11 libation (plus tax and tip) has its own unique charm. If you are lucky enough to order one at Chez Alcatraz when the famous bartender known as Murph is working, a show is waiting for you, as well as a delicious treat. If you want this miracle to remain a surprise, you can skip the video below:

There is literally nothing that Universal Orlando Resort could not troll both fans and competitors on social networks. Just as the park created the long-standing joke that the VelociCoaster is actually a Churro stand, this latest removal keeps its finger on the pulse of the moment. If you want to get creative, Ocean Attack comes with a “real shark”. This is just a puppeteer, and it is unlikely that he will harm you.

If you want to order Ocean Attack at Universal Orlando Resort, the bar is open until 21:00 on most nights. So double check your watch before you go swimming to enjoy some liquid enjoyment. And if you happen to see Murph or another bartender in this place, tell them that CinemaBlend sent you.