United Arab Emirates to ‘shock’ clouds to produce rain


Several regions around the globe are already studying the application of various techniques to overcome water problems, including in Brazil, but the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are about to revolutionize human control over the climate. According to BBC News, the Asian country will soon test drones developed by the University of Reading, England, capable of enhancing the formation of rain over the territories in which they are handled.

Alya Al-Mazroui, director of a research program dedicated to the area, in an interview with Arab News, explains how the method works. “Equipped with electric charge emission instruments and custom sensors, the devices will fly at low altitudes and provide an electric charge to the air molecules, which should encourage precipitation.”

This is one of the nine projects contemplated by the US $ 15 million government budget aimed, since 2017, at initiatives that expand the average of 100 mm of annual rainfall there. Along with the so-called seeding technology, used in the induction of condensation and cloud creation, the novelty can drastically change the scenario considered drastic of water scarcity in the UAE.

Fingers crossed

Maarten Ambaum, one of the scientists in charge of the construction of the drones, explains that, despite the little expressiveness of the UAE’s water table, which is getting smaller and smaller, there are plenty of clouds.

Therefore, the purpose of the action is, like static electricity does with “dry hair and comb”, to join drops to the point of making them big enough for them to fall.

For now, there are only expectations that the approach will work. Even so, if everything goes well, the development of larger aircraft is not ruled out. Who knows, with it, great desert cities can benefit and witness the abundance of a precious resource that is increasingly rare in nature. Only time will tell.

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