United Arab Emirates probe sends first image of Mars


The Hope probe, the first of its kind launched by the United Arab Emirates, sent on Sunday (14) the first image of Mars captured by the equipment.

The post was made on the profile of the country’s top authority, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The message celebrates the beginning of the mission and hopes for possible discoveries from the studies that will be carried out with the images sent.

“The transmission of the first image of the Hope probe on Mars is a defining moment in our history and marks the moment when the UAE joins advanced nations involved in space exploration. We hope that this mission will lead to new discoveries about Mars that may benefit humanity, “he wrote on Twitter.

The face of the Red Planet captured by Hope shows some known locations from other space explorations, such as the extinct Mount Olympus volcano, the largest in the region.

The Hope probe was launched in July 2020 and successfully reached the orbit of the Red Planet in early February. From now on, it is expected to remain close to Mars for two years collecting data on climate change, the formation of sandstorms and changes in the atmosphere.

Almost with Hope, probes from two other nations arrived in the region. China’s Tianwen-1 has even sent a video of the planet, while NASA sent a rover called Perseverance, scheduled to land on February 18.


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