United Airlines Buys Supersonic Planes That Go From SP to NY in 6 Hours


United Airlines: The US airline United Airlines announced this Thursday (3rd) the purchase of 15 supersonic aircraft from Boom Supersonic, a startup that designs planes capable of halving the time of international travel.

However, the agreement between the two US companies, which calls for an increase in the initial order to 50 jets, still depends on the results of United’s safety tests and also on Boom’s ability to meet its own schedule, once the company has not yet built or flown a real supersonic.

If the manufacturer’s future Overture models are approved in the initial inspection, the idea is that they can be launched in 2025, make their test flights in 2026 and start operating commercially by 2029. With such a plane, a trip from São Paulo to New York, which now takes nearly 10 hours, to be completed in less than six.

How will the flight of the new Overtures be?

Today, planes fly across the planet’s skies at speeds that can reach close to 950 km/h. The new supersonic planes could reach a speed of Mach 1.7, which corresponds to about 2,000 km/h. According to United, by doubling flight speed, it would be possible to fly to around 500 destinations in nearly half the time recorded by the current fleet.

Boom, in turn, is preparing a demonstration aircraft, the full-scale XB-1, to make its maiden flight later this year. With 21 meters in length, the prototype houses only the pilot and is much smaller than the commercial version, which will be able to hold up to 88 passengers and crew.

Equipped with three General Electric J85-15 engines, the demonstrator will aim to reach Mach 1.3, or 1,600 km/h. The real plane, which projects a speed Mach 1.7, will be 62.5 meters long and will travel at a cruising altitude above 18,000 meters.