Uniswap’s token UNI officially launched


The management token UNI of the decentralized exchange Uniswap was launched today. Those who have used Uniswap before have the opportunity to take advantage of the huge 150 million UNI airdrop. As soon as UNI was launched, it was listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, from Coinbase to Binance and Huobi.

UNI, the management token of the decentralized exchange Uniswap, has been officially launched. The entire token, of which the total supply is 1 billion, will be distributed to its owners within 4 years. 60 percent will be distributed to community members, 21.51 percent to team members and future employees of the company.

17.80 percent of the tokens will be allocated to investors with a four-year progress payment program.

According to the information Uniswap shared with a block post, at the end of 4 years, an inflation rate of 2 percent per year will be implemented for the continuation of participation in Uniswap and due to the expenses of those who hold UNI passively.

The article also stated that UNI is the next step in this developing protocol and drew attention to the rapidly growing liquidity and volume of the decentralized exchange:

“Having proven its suitability for the decentralized financial product market together with an independently developing platform, Uniswap is now well placed for community-led growth, development and self-sustainability. UNI was taken out to serve this purpose. With its loyalty-based management system, shared community ownership and diversity, UNI will carry the protocol into the future.

UNI distributed to preprocessors

On the other hand, all past users and liquidity providers will be able to get their share of the UNI Token distribution. Previously liquidity providers, users, SOCKS holders / payers started to benefit from the UNI distribution of approximately 150 million tokens, according to the screen capture statistics ending on September 1.

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In the statement made on the subject, it was stated as follows:

“15 percent of the tokens have started to be distributed to past users and liquidity providers. Treasury management will also retain 43 percent of the UNI supply (430 million UNI) to continuously distribute it to community initiatives, liquidity mining, funders and other programs. ”

Someone bought half a million dollar UNI over the air
One Uniswap user was hit by a lottery from the airdrop. According to my share on Twitter, a person who has been providing liquidity to Uniswap v1 for a long time has purchased 128,801 UNI with today’s airdrop and obtained half a million dollars worth of UNI tokens.


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