Uniswap Price Breaks Record with v3 News


Uniswap shared a video of the v3 update on the evening of March 22. After the sharing, the UNI price broke a record, exceeding $ 35, and ATH made it.

While waiting for an explanation about the v3 update for a while, Uniswap Labs shared a video from its Twitter account and presented it to the users. In the 46-second video, no explanation was made regarding their future plans.

SushiSwap, one of Uniswap’s competitors, started working with Binance Smart Chain at the beginning of March and announced that it is considering Optimism, an L2 technology.

After the shared video, the price of UNI rose from $ 34 to $ 35.85 on Binance, the most traded exchange in 24 hours, and saw an all-time high.

Another price record was seen in UNI before v3, with the message of Uniswap community and Hayden Adams waiting for the update details, that they could receive a share on the issue.

Search volume increased

Uniswap’s Google searches have increased since September 2020. According to TheBlock data, Uniswap scored 100 points from Google searches in September 2020. While 100 points represent the most intense interest in Google searches, interest decreases when this interest decreases towards zero.

The current score of Uniswap searches is 87. This rate has increased by 32 percent since the beginning of the year.

Latest status in UNI

UNI saw an 11 percent increase over the week, according to CoinGecko. With its current price of $ 32.78, UNI has a market value of $ 17 billion. Daily trading volume is 1.6 billion dollars.


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