Uniswap airdrop of 5 million UNI failed


The 5 million UNI airdrop proposal in Uniswap did not pass as the number of votes was not reached.

The popular decentralized exchange Uniswap’s proposal to distribute 5 million UNI tokens to users of Opyn, Dharma, and other proxy apps failed to get enough votes. The voting ended yesterday at 10:53.

Uniswap launched the management token UNI on September 17, and gave 150 million tokens to anyone who made at least one transaction on Uniswap before September 1.

In the second management vote on Uniswap, it aimed to extend the airdrop to proxy applications using Uniswap via software extensions. These applications consisted of Opyn, Monolith, Furucombo, Dharma, DeFi Saver, MyEtherWallet, Rebalance, Eidoo, Argent and Nuo.

Although the ratio was 96.7 percent in favor of the votes cast, the proposal did not pass due to the total number of votes below 40 million UNI. A total of 38.8 million votes were cast.

There was concern that the new airdrop of 5 million UNI would create selling pressure on the price.

Although the proposal was not passed, the price of UNI continued to decrease. The token has been in a downward trend since September 25. The price, which was $ 5.5 that day, has declined to $ 2.25 today.

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