UNISOC Announces World’s First 6 nm EUV Processor Tiger T7520


China-based chip maker UNISOC, which released the Tiger T510 last year, announced the Tiger T520 5G processor. In addition, the T520 has earned the title of being the first 6 nm processor in the world.

UNISOC announced its second generation 5G chipset at a press conference today. The company continued the Tiger T7510 chipset that it released last year with the Tiger T7520. In addition, the new chip became the world’s first 6 nm processor.

Tiger T7520 features
According to the news in Gizmo China, Tiger T7520, created on the 6 nm EUV process, has 8 cores. The clock speeds of these cores, 4 of them are Cortex-A76 and 4 of them are Cortex-A55 series, are not yet known. The chip also has the Mali G57 GPU. Of course, 6 nm of the processor improves the transistor density by 18% while reducing power consumption by 8%.

Tiger T7520 has a 5G modem and according to the statement made by UNISOC, this structure provides a superiority against the processors that are separate from the modem in terms of power consumption. In addition to NSA and SA networks, it also supports 2G, 3G and 4G, and can accelerate to 3.25 Gbps on SA networks. The chip also includes VoNR high-resolution audio and video call support, along with dual SIM dual 5G support.

The chip includes a new generation of NPU, which improves performance and energy efficiency. In the published press release, it was stated that the NPU in the Tiger T7520 increased its power efficiency by more than 50% compared to the previous generation.

Processor; It can support screens up to 120 Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution and HDR10 +. The processor includes UNISOC’s 6th-generation Vivimagic, second-generation Full Dynamic Range technology, artificial intelligence accelerator and 4-core ISP. UNISOC did not disclose which manufacturers are currently negotiating for this processor and which devices we can see.


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