Unique details yet to be revealed about Roger Mackenzie


Over the past two seasons of Outlander, the character of Roger Mackenzie (Richard Rankin) has become central to the narrative of Starz’s hit storyline romance, as Roger and Brianna’s new partner took up much of the screen time.

Roger is one of the time travelers in Outlander who has gone on to show a few others who could slip back in time, besides Claire herself, over the years. Here are some details about him that might have gone unnoticed:

When did he meet Geillis?

Roger MacKenzie has been one of the most unique examples of the quintessential time-loop and the mysterious ways time travel works in the Outlander universe.

In a fascinating turn of events, Roger met Gillian Edgars in Scotland, who then traveled 200 years into the past in Outlander, became Geillis Duncan, and gave birth to Roger’s direct ancestor, William MacKenzie.

Roger and Brianna are family?

Roger has a very distant parental relationship with Brianna Fraser on Jamie’s maternal side of the family. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser was Dougal MacKenzie’s nephew, and Brianna is his daughter, born 200 years into the future in Outlander.

So Brianna is kind of like Dougal’s great-granddaughter. On the other hand, Roger is the direct descendant of Outlander’s own Dougal, making him distantly but definitely related to Brianna in some way.

The Plum Pudding Tradition

Young Roger used to have a Christmas tradition of his own. While living with Reverend Wakefield, he visited the children’s home with toys for the holiday season and then dug up Ms. Graham’s delicious plum pudding in Outlander.

Of course, in Outlander season 3, he is shown to be experiencing what he calls an ‘American Christmas’ to start building a new Christmas tradition of his own, even though he really wanted to see Brianna all the time.


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