Unique Concept Design for Koenigsegg: Konigsei

Maximilian Schneider, who created vehicle designs for Mitsubishi, created a special concept design for Koenigsegg, known for his super vehicles. The design called “Konigsei” impresses with its engine and design details.

One of the notable names in the automobile industry is undoubtedly Koenigsegg. The Swedish-based company manages to stand out with the super vehicles it produces, and impresses car enthusiasts with the stylish design of its vehicles. Now designing at Mitsubishi, Maximilian Schneider has created an impressive car concept for Koenigsegg. Schneider’s concept is called “Konigsei”.

Konigsei literally means “egg of the king”. While Schneider put this name in his concept design, he was impressed by some details of his design. So much so that this tool looks like a half egg in general. This similarity makes it meaningful that the vehicle’s name is Konigsei. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the details of this very futuristic vehicle.

Introducing Konigsei
The concept prepared by Schneider has a completely unique design. Every detail in the vehicle highlights the “king’s egg” part of the name “the egg of the king” while emphasizing elegance a little more. The glass structure, which covers all three sides of the vehicle, unites on the roof of this flat vehicle, which is divided into two. The curved structure on the front of the vehicle also integrates Konigsei’s design lines.

The vehicle, which has a unique design at the front, also offers an exquisite view from the rear. So much so Schneider has added extremely stylish rear lights and a pair of exhaust outlets to the concept car. There are also large gaps right behind the wheels of this vehicle, and these gaps make the tires visible directly from the back of the Konigsei.

Konigsei offers unmatched power with its engine
Schneider has added a motor that will warm the hearts of car lovers to the concept vehicle, which has a completely unique design. This hydrogen powered engine produces 1,618 horsepower and reaches 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.8 seconds. The vehicle, which weighs 1,530 kilograms, reaches 200 km / h in 3.5 seconds, while a driver can reach a maximum speed of 441 km / h in this vehicle.

The Konigsei, designed by Schneider for Koenigsegg, is unknown one day, but it is an undeniable fact that car enthusiasts will admire this vehicle. So what are your thoughts on this tool? You can share your ideas about this unique concept vehicle with us.



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