Unicellular organism surprised scientists


Approximately 100 years ago, new studies have been revealed on the single-cell Stentor roeseli, which is claimed to have a decision mechanism. Scientists have come across evidence that the organism Stentor roeseli acts by decision-making.

Single cell acting by decision mechanism: Stentor roeseli

Living in ponds or stagnant freshwater, Stentor roeseli is a single-celled organism large enough to be seen with the naked eye. The article was published by zoologist Herbert Jennings on Stentetor roeseli, which feeds on bacteria and other small microorganisms and performs the occasional swimming act.

Karar mekanizması ile hareket eden tek hücreli organizma: Stentor roeseli

In the article published by Jennigs, it is stated that the organism is surrounded by carmine and the organism reacts more than once to this event. First of all, the organism avoiding the irritant element changes its direction by using its feathers if this does not work. In cases where the second option does not work, the organism trying to get rid of it by contracting its body tries to escape by swimming as a last resort.

Wallace Marshall, a cell geometry expert at the University of California, said, “Studies conducted a century ago revealed that a single-celled organism acts by decision mechanism. However, since people did not believe this, experiments were done again with modern methods. We have seen that a single cell can have several different possible responses and then choose between them in a particular order. ”Used expressions.

When carmine did not work well in repeated experiments, scientists using different materials discovered that the organism responded similarly to microscopic polystyrene beads. Combining the data they obtained through multiple experiments, the team observed that the behaviors emerged with a certain hierarchy.

How the organism transitions between its behavior is not yet known. However, thanks to these experiments, it was among the possibilities that non-neuronal organisms could also have the ability to process information.


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