Unfortunately, “Better Call Saul” proves that Chuck was always right about Jimmy


ATTENTION: this contains SPOILERS for the 11th episode of the 6th season “Better call Saul”.

Both the Breaking Bad show and the episode “Better Call Saul” Breaking Bad, unfortunately, prove that Chuck was right about Jimmy all along. Although Chuck died in the third season of Better Call Saul, the character continues to cast a shadow over Jimmy’s life, even when he is not being raised. Direct mentions of Chuck were rare in later seasons of Better Call Saul, but Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman and then his life as Gene in Omaha echoes many of Chuck’s words from the first half of the show.

Of all the “Better Call Saul” characters not in Breaking Bad, Chuck McGill may be the most important for viewers to understand who Saul Goodman really was before the events of the original show. Kim, Howard, Nacho and Lalo may have changed Jimmy’s life in different ways, but it was Chuck who directly or indirectly shaped what this character was supposed to become. Jimmy and Chuck had one of the most difficult relationships in the universe of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, if not the most difficult, since viewers could never know for sure whether their banter was caused by love, jealousy or a mixture of them.

Chuck’s death coincided with Jimmy’s business becoming more and more dangerous, and a little over a year after that, Jimmy contacted Lalo Salamanca and even Gus Fring. After Howard Hamlin’s death and Kim Jimmy’s departure, there was nothing left, and “Better Call Saul”, without wasting time, jumped straight into the chronology of “Breaking Bad”. Viewers already knew how much Jimmy’s moral code would change given the events of Breaking Bad, but now the episode “Better Call Saul” shows that the character is not quite on the path of redemption. In fact, Gene turned out to be an even worse version of Jimmy, shattering the hopes of many who welcomed the timeline after Breaking Bad to prove that, unlike what Chuck believed, Jimmy could change.

The episode “Better Call Saul” in “Breaking Bad” proves that Jimmy will never change

Although the title “Breaking Bad” was clearly related to Walt and Jesse’s cameo in “Better Call Saul,” it also reflected what was happening to Gene in the present. Jin tried to hide and get away from a less complicated life, but after his mysterious call to Kim Wexler, the content of which is not disclosed in the episode, the character quickly returned to the path of self-destruction. Gene committed the last scam precisely in order to remove Jeff and his friend from his life, but now he asked for their help in committing many more crimes. After everything that happened in Breaking Bad—which “Better Call Saul” is gradually presenting as Saul’s fault — it seems that Gene will try to learn from his recent mistakes and at least this time not become the worst version of himself. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

Saul and Gene are Much Worse than Jimmy Ever Wars

Chuck knew and was afraid of Jimmy Slipping off, but what Jimmy became after Chuck’s death in “Better Call Saul” was much worse than anyone could have expected. Jimmy always wanted to cut corners, didn’t like being told what to do, and used the most sophisticated scams if it meant helping him or someone he cared about. Nevertheless, Jimmy had a moral code — he was never violent, he tried to distance himself from Nacho and Salamanca as much as possible, and he still believed that his work as a lawyer could help the “little guy”. . However, Saul Goodman was as much a lawyer as a criminal genius. Sol became a participant in the game not only as a lawyer for criminals, but also as a partner of these criminals. He saw Heisenberg as a business opportunity and went to great lengths to help poison a child to help Walter White from the TV series Breaking Bad. Similarly, Jin, who at first seemed like he wouldn’t get into trouble, was willing to drug a man with cancer just to steal his money.

Chuck was right about Jimmy in “Better Call Saul” (but he’s still guilty)

In the end, “Better Call Saul” proved that Chuck was right—Sliding Jimmy was and continues to be a danger to himself and others. Despite all the situations that Jimmy could not have foreseen, for example, the connection with Lalo Salamanca, he had several chances to get out of the game. Jimmy never got better, let alone someone else trying to help him. However, the episode “Better Call Saul” “Breaking Bad” also highlights how Chuck had a lot of influence on what Jimmy turned out to be. Jin returned to Saul Goodman’s schemes only after hearing that there was most likely a rejection of Kim, showing that his desire to implement these schemes is inextricably linked to the turmoil in his life. Before Kim, Chuck was the most important person in Jimmy’s life, but everything his role model brother did hurt him. If Chuck had supported Jimmy in his career, and not actively played against him, then maybe Saul Goodman and Ge


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