Unfortunate facts that make Veronica a tragic character


In Riverdale, with money and privilege comes responsibility and debt to pay, and while she may not always have been the empathetic person she is now, Veronica Lodge has tried to correct her mistakes.

She tried to unite her parents

After all that Hermione and Hiram had endured together, they moved on with the breakup in Riverdale season 3. This devastates Veronica, and she tried to get back together.

Her parents decided to renew her vows on Riverdale season 4, which Veronica was hesitant to attend. Why shouldn’t she be? She clearly was upset that her previous efforts failed despite the fact that her parents reunited anyway.

She was a bully

Despite the changes she has made since then, including her efforts to be a better person, Veronica cannot erase her past in Riverdale and undo her actions, no matter how much she wants to.

She sadly, she has to live with what she did and knowing that she hurt someone else so badly is a very unfortunate part of her past. Although she is most painful to those she hurt, she is also a sad aspect of her character in Riverdale.

Charge the crimes of the father

Especially in the first season of Riverdale, Veronica expresses regret for the people that her father Hiram of hers hurt by committing the crimes that ultimately landed him in prison.

It was a harsh dose of reality for her, which made her father’s crimes that much more horrible and closer to home. Bearing the brunt of crimes other than her own takes a toll on Veronica, and it’s exasperating to have to live with such a heavy burden in Riverdale.


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