Unforgettable generation games discounts of up to 80%


Red Dead Redemption 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Marvel’s Spider-Man and many more, on temporary sale through the PS Store only until October 14.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched a new promotion of deals on PS4 games called “One Generation Games”. Through the PS Store, users of the already veteran Sony console can access a selection of several dozen of more than a hundred titles with temporary discounts from this September 30 to October 14 at 23:59 ( CEST). Let’s take a look at the most prominent games, as we are talking about discounts that will sometimes exceed 70%.

One of the most prominent by Sony is Ghost of Tsushima, which happens to have a discount of 25% only during the period of validity of the promotion. More attractive is the price of many others, either because of the percentage discount applied or because of the resulting price, which is really attractive in these moments of the end of generation. Those who have missed Dragon Ball FighterZ can access it for 13.99 euros; while other greats of the JRPG genre such as Tales of Zestiria go on to cost 7.48 euros. The Spanish Moonlighter, a small independent gem, can be purchased on PS4 for 6.79 euros.

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