Unflappable Mila Kunis copes with typical New York booing on the Jimmy Kimmel show with the utmost elegance


With great fame comes an equal amount of hate. This phrase is relevant to almost all Hollywood actors and actresses throughout their careers. While some live completely in extremes, some have chosen to stay in the gray zone. Such actors always have to face an unpredictable negative reaction just to conquer them with pure love and absolute elegance. One of these actresses, about whom we can definitely say that she is a master of this action, is Mila Kunis.

Mila recently made the news because of her mysterious interview with Jimmy Kimmel live. The star gave another example of how to treat the public the other day. Here’s what happened at the exhibition.

Mila Kunis booed Jimmy Kimmel audience

At the Jimmy Kimmel Live Opera House of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Mila received a very warm welcome in the first moments of the show. However, things quickly went awry when the star showed her hometown. Mila didn’t have time to deny that she wasn’t a New Yorker, as someone from the audience booed the star.

However, this was not the case. Boos are contagious, and they quickly appear on the wings like wildfire. The same thing happened when Kunis continued to describe her journey of settlement in the USA. She said that she was originally from Ukraine and moved to America to follow her passion. After that, Jimmy asked her about American cuisine, talking about pizza. This time Mila was quite alert to the next riot of the public.

How did Mila cope with consecutive negative reviews?

Consequently, she took the first swing, directly asking the audience if they were ready with their applause before answering the question. It happened as expected. The crowd erupted into another shout of violence aimed at Mila. A possible reason for such an appeal could be another strange revelation that the star made. Earlier in the interview, Kunis spoke about a wardrobe malfunction that occurred a few minutes before the show.

However, the actress again made the last swing, saying: “You know what, I’m wearing baby underwear for you.” This unexpectedly attracted the audience to her side, and the “symphony of clang and ass” stopped for a while. However, it wasn’t for long either. Although the crowd continued to whistle, they stopped when she was promoting her upcoming film, The Luckiest Girl Alive.

What do you think about all this fiasco? What would you do in Mila’s place? How do you like her movie? Write down all your thoughts below.


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