Undertaker receives criticism for leaving the character in WWE “The Last Ride”


Undertaker receives criticism for leaving the character in WWE “The Last Ride”

Undertaker is criticized for leaving the character in WWE “The Last Ride.” Not everyone liked the Taker documentary on WWE Network. Recently Undertaker was on the Bill Simmons Podcast to talk about various topics in the world of Wrestling and especially his successful documentary on the WWE Network.

I comment on the following about the global pandemic

First I talk about how Vince’s company has adapted to the global pandemic:

“I think they are making the most of a really horrible situation. Obviously when there is an audience you use that energy they give, to propel you through your promos and your combats. Now it is very complicated not having that support from people, you look around and you see an empty place with hardly any noise, it is very strange «.

I talk about your segment before Wrestlemania

“I did a segment in the lead up to WrestleMania, and I was trying to cheer myself up and get mad about something AJ Styles had said. Try to get all the memories out of the crowds, but there’s nothing there, it’s just the cameraman shooting you from very close. It is very strange, and you realize how important it is to have fans close by. Many times if you are doing a promo to someone you want to make eye contact it is easier to make it personal, but with nobody there it is strange «.

Taker recalled the place where the most fans were.

«The crowd in Dallas, at the stadium in Texas, that place was incredible, 100,000 people. That was an ocean of people. It’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever worked with. I love working in crowds in places like Boston or the legendary Madison Square Garden. Fans are coming to have a good time.

Criticism of The Last Ride

Taker went on to talk about his documentary, how he is managing to make that transition from Undertaker to Mark William Calaway.

“I know I have more fighting behind me than in front of me,” said Taker. «Then people would say to me ‘Dude, you need to end this now and stop being an Undertaker because this fighting career is coming to an end, now is the time to take advantage of everything you have done and do all that you did not do during all these years’. One of the first things I did out of character was that I published that the Longhorns won the Sugar Bowl. I received enough criticism. People were really angry. I broke the character after 30 years and many have not liked that. ”

I hate his wife

He noted that some of his fans hate his wife, Michelle McCool, simply because of being his partner and being married to him.

“People hate Michelle because she is married to me,” said Taker. “People didn’t want to see that, all they wanted was what I gave them or more.”

Undertaker has given everything and more to this sport spectacle, now as he says he is in a time of transition and this documentary is the proof of it. Mark Calaway will always be Undertaker and even if he stops fighting he will always make us vibrate and thrill for his great legacy both in the ring and outside of it. We are in the last moments of Undertaker and we can only thank you repeatedly for everything you have given us.

Thanks Undertaker
Thanks Mark Calaway


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