Understand Twitch’s ‘Don’t Ban’ List That Was Leaked In The Platform Hhack


Twitch: On any platform with content creators, there are plenty of conspiracy theories claiming that popular streamers can be protected from the rules applied to others. With the massive hack that Twitch suffered this month, the leaking of a “don’t ban” list seemed to confirm just that. But it’s interesting to understand better what this list is about.

Washington Post journalists sought out Twitch employees who agreed to comment further on the list on condition of anonymity, as the company does not allow public disclosure of information that leaked about the platform when it was hacked.

First of all, the “don’t ban” list that was leaked is real, but it’s already a five-year-old and must be completely out of date. And the second, most important part is that this is not a list of streamers who can do whatever they want and not get banned, but rather what would actually be a “don’t ban immediately” list.

Large streamers also receive unjustified reports, and the idea of ​​the list would be to put names that should not be banned without proper investigation. Also, the list is so old that it dates back to the time that, on paper, Twitch wouldn’t allow streaming that wasn’t strictly about games. Tim Betar, TimTheTatman, for example, was on the list not to get banned for his non-game lives.

It should be noted, however, that it is not without special treatment. And these names would go through the evaluation of people, putting a factor of judgment and, possibly, of partiality in the process.

The Post’s anonymous sources say these lists are no longer used, and Twitch declines to comment on the case.


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