Understand that your password has not been leaked online


With so many sites that require registration to perform actions, from downloading files to making purchases, are you able to say that all your passwords are safe? An automated tool that warns of the need for changes is a good request, and Google Chrome for Android and iOS delivers just that in its latest version.

Implemented in version 86 of the application, the feature displays, in a list, compromised portals for the user to take measures that guarantee the integrity of their profiles spread across the network, even when companies are attacked and do not widely disclose what were the consequences caused by the theft. of data.

Check out how to know if your passwords were leaked on the internet by following the step by step below. First, update your browser. The novelty is being distributed gradually, so a little patience can be part of the process.

1 – Open Google Chrome and access the address: chrome: // flags;

2 – Search for “Bulk Password Check” on the “Experiments” page;

3 – Touch “Default” and select “Enabled”. Then, restart the browser;

4 – After restarting, touch the three dots and select “Settings”;

5 – Tap on “Passwords”;

6 – Touch “Check now”.

If any password is flagged, simply access the website in question and perform the action indicated by the application. The example above was based on iOS 14, so there may be variations in terms and option positions depending on the operating system, but the basic steps are the same.

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