Understand How Microsoft Will Run Android Apps On Windows 11


Windows 11: After much speculation and leaks, Microsoft announced yesterday (24) the long-awaited Windows 11. The operating system will arrive free for those who already have Windows 10 and, among the news, the new OS will have access and will run Android applications.

The ad caught a lot of people by surprise, even though the tech giant had already said it would revamp its app store. The question that remains is: how will the apps run in the software, since they were developed in different structures?

In a post on its official website, Intel has given more details on how Intel Bridge technology will work to make this happen. First, Gregory Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of the brand, spoke about the partnership between the companies.

The expert said that the “combination of Windows 11 and Intel technologies and platforms offers unparalleled performance, compatibility and experiences.” As the company promises, the partnership goes beyond a simple emulation and will deliver applications running “smoothly”.

Technical explanation

To run Android apps on Windows, Intel Bridge technology works as a post-compiler that transforms apps for the x86 architecture. In other words, the tool performs a kind of translation, making the programs run as if they were native to the x86 environment, which is also used in Linux.

The system works similarly to the Rosetta software found on Apple’s M1 chips. But instead of converting x86 programs to ARM architecture, it does the opposite, leaving ARM for x86. Another important detail is compatibility: despite the technology being from Intel, the novelty will also work on machines running Windows 11 on AMD CPUs.

Even running on different types of CPU, Intel still pulls sardines to its side in the official statement about the function. The company said the brand’s multi-architecture model “provides the right engines for the right workloads, integrating CPU cores, graphics technology, artificial intelligence accelerators, image processors and more in a single solution.”


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