“Under the Deck of the Mediterranean” Alum Hannah Ferrier applauds Shaming Moms after Returning to work: “Pull yourself together”


Not here for that. Hannah Ferrier has called on online trolls to condemn her decision to return to work almost two years after giving birth.

Stars slam mom-shamers

“Seriously. I am so disappointed with the number of personal messages and comments that shame me for working,” the 35—year-old former “Under the Mediterranean Deck” star wrote via Instagram Story earlier this month. “If a man went to work for a few weeks, no one would think about it, and I’m a bad mother if I pay the bills. This is 2022 people, pull yourself together.”

Ferrier, who had a daughter Ava with her husband Josh Roberts in November 2020, later elaborated on the condemnatory response.

“Honestly, guys, please don’t comment or write that I’m a terrible mother because I go to work. We all have different family dynamics and jobs. Mine demands that I leave. She is almost 2 years old, and I have been with her every day since she was born,” she explained on Facebook on Saturday, July 2. “I am very used to insults on social networks, but doubting a mother’s love for her child is a little hard. very far away. Thank you to all my wonderful subscribers who support a woman who works hard and supports her family.”

At the end of last month, the Australian native confirmed that she was transitioning to a new reality show after spending time with Bravo. “Hi guys!!! I am bursting with excitement to share with you that I will be back on your screens soon! After more than ten years of sailing the Mediterranean, I am so excited to join The Real Love Boat and help all our wonderful passengers find love!” she captioned an Instagram post on June 22. “I will follow them very closely and help them at every stage of their journey to find their perfect match.”

Ferrier added: “I am currently filming in the Mediterranean and can’t wait to share with you the journey of our beautiful passengers who are finding love — not to mention my favorite background in the world — Med 💗💗💗 #TheRealLoveBoatAU.”

The first stew originally appeared in the series “Under the Deck of the Mediterranean” when it premiered in 2016. Viewers were shocked when Ferrier was fired midway through the fifth season by Captain Sandy Zen. The 57-year-old Florida native let her colleague go after Ferrier’s roommate Malia White reported that she had valium and a vape pen with CBD in her salon.

The largest civil strife “under the deck” — and how things are today

After the season aired, Ferrier talked about the current state of her relationship with Yawn.

“She texted me when I announced my pregnancy and asked for an address to send something and I didn’t respond to it,” Bravo’s personality exclusively told Us Weekly in May 2021. “Sometimes I feel with her… that she’s not being honest with herself. As she says, like, “Oh, it wasn’t personal,” like getting fired. I thought: “It’s pretty funny because Kat [Held] had prescription drugs that Captain Lee found out about and she wasn’t fired.” I shouldn’t have been fired for that. It was one hundred percent personal, but I think everything that helps you sleep at night.”

The ups and downs of Hannah from Under Deck Med and Captain Sandy over the years

At the time, Ferrier noted that her problems with Yawning arose as soon as they started filming together. “I think sometimes people get confused because that’s how I’ve felt and thought for so many, many years, but the only reason I can talk about it now is because I know I’ll never work with her again,” she added.

The captain, for his part, indicated that she had no choice but to let Ferrier go. “Hannah, she has a dream. She’s living her dream. She wanted a baby. Sometimes in my past I did things that I didn’t know about subconsciously because I wanted to leave,” Zeus told us in September 2021. — But my behavior was a way out, because I didn’t know how to get out. I kind of feel like maybe it was a part of her. But I wish her all the best.”