Under the deck: Hannah Ferrier will play in the new reality show “The Real Love Boat”


The star of the reality show “Under the deck” Hannah Ferrier is starring in the new reality show “The Real Love Boat”. In 2016, Hannah was in the medical center on the lower deck, but was dismissed from her position in 2020. She was fired after she was caught with valium at work. Although Hannah uses this medication to treat anxiety, she did not register it with her employer and did not have a prescription. Because of this, her employer had no choice but to fire her when she found out about the drugs. However, fans and actors were upset by Hannah’s departure.

After leaving the show, Hannah welcomed her first child with Josh Roberts. In her career, Hannah launched a podcast in which she talks about her experience of participating in the show. She also talks about her childhood experiences and how they relate to the experience of her adult life. In addition to this, she started a business to train people to work in the yachting industry. Fans supported her throughout her departure from the show, which helped Hannah change her career.

She recently announced on Instagram that she will return to television in a new reality show, “The Real Love Boat.” Hannah will play the role of matchmaker to help the contestants find potential partners. According to E! News, the show is based on a 1970s comedy series. In her Instagram , Hannah states: “I am so excited to join the Real Love Boat and help all our wonderful passengers find love! I will follow them very closely and help them every step of the way to find their perfect match.”

Fans are excited to see Hannah in the new show and have expressed their support on her social media. Many fans said they missed the reality TV star and can’t wait for more information about when the show will be released. Fans hope this new series will be as intriguing as Hannah’s time on the Under Deck.

Filming in the Mediterranean has already begun, but fans don’t know when the show will be released. However, it seems that the show has already received some support thanks to the inclusion of Hannah in the cast. It is clear that Hannah attracted a lot of attention due to her personality, which allowed her to become a favorite of the audience. It will be interesting to see how Hannah has grown up in the “Real Love Boat” since her last appearance on “Below Deck”.