Uncharted Skins Arrive Tomorrow (17) In Fortnite For PS4 And PS5


Uncharted: Earlier this month, the information had surfaced on the net that Fortnite could receive skins coming directly from Uncharted. Now comes the official confirmation that the title will actually feature four versions of characters coming directly from Sony’s franchise.

According to information on the network, it will be possible to acquire two skins of Nathan (one coming from the traditional game and another closer to the version played by Tom Holland in theaters) and two of Chloe (the variations Lost Legacy and Sophia Ali).

In case you’re curious, there’s even a trailer that shows the duo in action in Fortnite arenas, and you can check out this content in the following window:

It is worth remembering that these skins, according to the trailer, will be available to the public from tomorrow (17), so it is good to reserve some V-Bucks if you are interested in acquiring them. Another detail is that buying a skin from Nathan or Chloe allows you to switch to the other at no extra charge, in addition to all of them bringing a Backpack Bling and other cosmetic items straight from Uncharted (such as the Journal emote, the Second Hand Saber pickaxe and others).

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