Uncharted: Film Wins Mixed Reviews on Premiere


Uncharted: Since it was announced, the adaptation of Uncharted for the cinemas has generated a lot of anxiety and, of course, distrust of fans of the game franchise. Starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as mentor Victor Sullivan, the film traces the character’s origins as the famous relic hunter.

As usual, journalists and film critics watched the film ahead of its premiere – scheduled for February 17th exclusively in theaters – and shared their first reactions to the film on social media.

So far, the film has a 51% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the chemistry of the lead duo being the most criticized element of the film.

Check out the first reactions from international critics:

Leo Rydel – Geekly Goods
“Well, I really liked Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake. He and Mark Wahlberg grew on me over the course of the movie as their chemistry improved. But there’s horrible editing, lackluster villains, and very bad secondary characters and CGI. The story wasn’t too bad, but nothing groundbreaking. 6/10.”

Sean O’Connell – CinemaBlend
“I got to the end of the movie and found I wanted to continue the narrative and follow Nate (Holland) and Sully (Wahlberg) on ​​their next mission. The two might not be the most obvious choices for these beloved characters, but the fun of this adaptation will take them on. to an adventure worthy of the big screen.”

The chemistry of the protagonist duo was the most questioned element in the critics, so far (Reproduction/Sony)

Andrew Salazar – Discussing Film
“Uncharted is far from the worst video game movie, but that doesn’t mean much when you have poorly cast leads and a subpar script.”

Kisten Acuna, Insider

“Uncharted is pleasant enough. It looks like they’ve picked some of the best/most recognizable settings and levels in the franchise and put them together here for a new adventure. The 3rd act is kind of silly, but whoever loves Tom Holland will have fun.”