Uncharted Film Gets New Photo; Sony Denies Adaptation Of God Of War


Uncharted: The film adaptation of Uncharted gained a new image on Monday (24). The photo shows the actors Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg characterized as the young Nathan Drake and Sully, respectively. Production is set to debut in July 2021 in theaters.

The disclosure was made by the New York Times (NYT). According to the report, Sony’s Pictures and Entertainment divisions are working together to bring PlayStation products to a large audience. Check out the new image below.

According to the Japanese company, currently 10 games are being adapted for cinemas or for television / streaming. In addition to Uncharted, The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima and Twisted Metal are other productions that will have adaptations.

As previously speculated, God of War will not win a film, at least not yet, a Sony spokesman said.

Sony collaboration

Asad Qizilbash, a senior executive at the giant that runs PlayStation Productions, the studio that carries out this cross-media conversion, told the NYT that this cross-sector collaboration “weighs in because everyone wins.”

“We have 3 goals. Increase the size of the gaming audience, bring the product to Sony Pictures and demonstrate collaboration, ”he explained.

Despite the company’s new understanding of this multiplatform interaction, the executive confessed that all of this is risky. “But I think we can do it (succeed),” he argued.

So, are you excited to watch TV and cinema productions based on video games? As it is important to remember, titles like Halo, Fallout, Mario, Cuphead and several others will also get their adaptations! Leave your expectations in the comments section below!


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