Uncharted 4 tem easter egg secreto de Assassin’s Creed


It is not common to find games that have Easter eggs that remain secret until the moment when someone from the production team decides to reveal this content, but it seems that this was the case with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

In a message posted on his Twitter profile, Jonathan Cooper, who worked as an animator on the PlayStation series games, revealed that he decided to place a tribute to Assassin’s Creed in the most recent title. However, many ended up not finding this animation because some specific measures are needed to activate it.

How to view the easter egg?

According to the animator, to view the synchronization system of the Ubisoft series in the most recent Uncharted, it is necessary to reach chapter 11 (Hidden in Plain Sight) and climb to the top of the tower that is closed. Once there, you must remain stationary and do nothing in control to get the view that is in the message shared on Cooper’s profile

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