Unboxed “charger” appeared on iPhone 12


We really talked and wrote details about the iPhone 12, but we found that the device was not introduced at the Apple event on September 15. It was also on the agenda that the introduction of the phone, which is not expected to be introduced, would be delayed. Even though it is up to the users that the charging adapter will not come out of the box about iPhone 12, there is a different detail: iPhone 12 may come with a wireless charger!

iPhone 12 wireless charger looks interesting

Apple was allegedly working on a wireless charger for a while. In fact, the leaked name of the device was “AirPower”, but no such device ever came out. According to a recent post on Twitter, this device seems to come with the iPhone 12. Because in the details of the device shared over 9to5Mac, it is stated that the product is in the prototype stage and wireless charging support will be provided with a magnet structure for the iPhone 12.

The wireless charger is trying to provide wireless charging support thanks to the magnet structure to be positioned on the back of the iPhone 12.

Why was such a claim made for the iPhone 12? In the details that emerged a while ago, it was said that Apple was planning to put magnets reminiscent of the ring on the back of its phones or in the official Apple-signed cases to be prepared for phones. When the AirPower device, which was brought to the agenda two years ago, and this leakage was combined, the device whose prototype image was leaked makes it say that it may be real.

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Although it remains unclear whether the leaked device will reach the end user, if such a device comes with the iPhone 12, it will offer a really practical use.


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