Unbelievable but true: Play PS5 earn a thousand dollars


The new generation console PlayStation 5, which has been on sale for 1 month, attracts great attention abroad. An Australian-based technology site looking to turn this interest into an opportunity has published a new job posting, announcing that it will give a PS5 player a thousand dollars.

Unbelievable but true: Play PS5 earn a thousand dollars

WhistleOut, a popular technology site in Australia, has posted a job posting that cannot get PS5 and will queue gamers at the door. In the announcement, it will pay $ 1,000 to those who play with PlayStation 5 for 50 hours without interruption.

PS5 oyna bin dolar kazan

While there is no requirement to have a PS5 in the job application conditions, WhistleOut announced that it will give the player the PlayStation 5 console with disc without demanding money.

Of course, reaching these two great awards is not simple. The applicants will play PS5 for 50 hours without any delay and answer predetermined questions. The user will be asked to compare the PlayStation 5 with the previous generation consoles, indicate the difference and comment on the overall performance. It will also be able to broadcast live from the WhistleOut YouTube channel if desired.


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