“Unbelievable”: Aurora Ramazzotti reveals the baby’s gender


Is Aurora Ramazzotti (25) expecting a son or daughter? It has long been rumored that the influential personality and her partner Goffredo Cersa will become parents for the first time. Then, in mid-September, certainty finally appeared: the daughter of Michelle Hunziker (45) and Eros Ramazzotti (58) will really become a mother. In particular, the future grandmother can’t wait to hold her first grandson in her arms. Now Aurora has finally announced the sex of the baby!

Taking to Instagram, Aurora proudly shared the first photos of her baby shower, while revealing her gender. “We love you guys,” she wrote enthusiastically under the photos, which depict blue holiday decorations. So it should be clear that a 25-year-old girl is going to have a boy. She couldn’t keep this news a secret either: “All the photos will come on Tuesday, but we wanted to share this incredible feeling with you!”. Of course, the proud grandparents were there too. Michelle said she was shocked by her account: she posted a photo with tears in her eyes, which best reflects the happiness of the family.

A few days ago, Aurora was caught shopping at a children’s store with her mother Michelle and her mother-in-law. But at the moment, nothing revealed the gender of the future Earthling. The team carried a lot of bags and a huge teddy bear, but fans searched in vain for pink or blue colors.


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