Un si grand soleil: Yasmine and Gérald share a moment!


Yasmine and Gérald got very close in Un si grand soleil. The two characters may soon be dating. Yasmine and Gerald get closer and closer in Un si grand soleil. The two characters will soon have a very good bonding moment. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Yasmine and Gérald soon as a couple in Un si grand soleil? This is the question that fans have been asking for several days. However, nothing was decided in advance between the two characters. Yasmine met Gerald several weeks ago, on her first day at the hospital.

Happy to have graduated as a nursing assistant, Anissa’s mother has had her ups and downs in the hospital. Nevertheless, she was able to count on David to guide her and give her the many tasks to do. Still, she didn’t expect to run into a particularly grumpy patient.

Yasmine met Gerald in the hospital when he was coming for treatment after cutting his hand. He was with Dylan, but got impatient and didn’t hesitate to scold Yasmine in the halls. Behavior she did not like at all and confused her a little.

However, since then, everything has been much better between the two characters of Such a Great Sun. Yasmine saw Gerald again and even treated his hand. She has been very caring for him and there is a real chemistry between them. By the way, Dylan noticed that Gerald was constantly smiling around Anissa’s mother.


So when will the two characters come together? In the sequel To So Big Sun, Yasmine will choose to spend New Years Eve with Anissa. However, she will run into Gerald at the bar and he will suggest that she go for a drink to thank her for everything she has done for him.

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Yasmine will accept and the two characters will indulge in some confidences. They will notice that they have a lot in common and both have a hard time managing their lives as single parents. They will therefore be able to open up to each other a little more and give each other some tips for taking care of their children.

A little later, Yasmine and Gerald will pass the Place de la Comédie and will take a little ride on the merry-go-round. It will bring them together a lot and the two characters will be very happy to be together. Thus, Yasmine will try to show her affection and will put her hand on his.

A gesture that will not leave Gerald indifferent in Un si grand soleil. Indeed, the latter will be confused and could finally admit that he has feelings for the caregiver. Nevertheless, the fans will surely still have to arm themselves with patience to get them together.


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