Un si grand soleil: Maureillas denounce Claire to the police!


In the next episodes of the soap opera Un si grand soleil, Maureillas denounces Claire and Myriam. The voltages will be electric …

In the Un Si Grand Soleil series, Maureillas will write an anonymous letter to send to the police station. He denounces Claire and Myriam for the burglaries.

Nothing is going well in the soap opera Un si grand soleil! This Tuesday, November 17, France 2 was unable to broadcast a new episode. Thus, the channel left millions of viewers, eager to discover the rest of the plot.

So if you’re one of the biggest aficionados of Such a Big Sun, don’t panic. Your favorite series returns this Wednesday, November 18. Can’t wait to find out what happens in this one?

Thus, it is by means of an anonymous letter sent to the police station that the young man will report them to the police. Thus, the latter accuses them for the burglaries of villas. It must be said that he could no longer keep such a secret in his conscience.

Problem, no one believes Claire, played by Melanie Maudran, and Myriam capable of such break-ins. Neither Manu nor Becker. Ouch! Will they end up opening their eyes?


However, the series Such a Big Sun does not have a single plot at the moment. Indeed, Florent is also on the front of the stage. And for good reason, the main interested party has just broken up with Claire. A breakup he confesses to Sabine.

So, Sabine takes the opportunity to offer to host her. But Florent prefers to stay alone in his corner, and declines his invitation. For her part, Claire is not in great shape either. Besides, she refuses to join Myriam to go out. To be continued in Un si grand soleil…

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