Un si grand soleil: Manu decides to meet Hassan!


The end of the year is the time for reunion but also for settling scores. Manu decided to organize a tête-à-tête with Hassan …

The end of the year will be strong in Un si grand Soleil. Indeed, in the episodes broadcast this week, Manu will face Hassan …

Elsa’s boyfriend has made a big decision, he is going to face Hassan. Sofia last week told police the gunman was about to kill another victim.

Taken aback, Lucille who is a light sleeper, decided to take her pen in order to remember the traumatic scene she experienced. A way for the young woman to heal her wounds.

At the same time, the Montpellier police got their hands on a motorcycle found on fire. Could the vehicle allow Manu to get his hands on the culprit?

Unfortunately for Manu and the investigators, there is no trace of DNA on the motorcycle which was found burnt. Investigators will therefore look for a clue among suspicious people.


Commander Becker would like his team to take a look at the suspects in this way. Many people seek revenge, so no one should be overlooked.

Alex therefore emits a hypothesis which will arouse the curiosity of his colleagues… What if a policeman had an innocent person behind bars?

Faced with the lack of tangible evidence, all assumptions are seriously considered. Cécile will therefore call Manu to submit an idea to him.

The young woman wonders if Hassan could not have organized the shooting from his cell. Manu will therefore have a one-on-one with the prisoner. He therefore wants answers.

The two men will therefore meet in the visiting room to discuss together. Obviously, the inmate does not support this hypothesis. He is in no way responsible for the tragedy that took place last Monday in Montpellier, but Manu finds it hard to believe the inmate’s words. He shares this with his teams.


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