Un si grand soleil: Kelly’s return, a source of tension!


Big problems at the Bastides! Kelly’s return causes more problems than joy in So Big Sun … How to Get Out?

What a scandal among the Bastides! A huge argument broke out between Kelly and Arthur, and the young woman therefore decided to leave… But reconciliation will not be easy in Un si grand Soleil!

Arthur indeed comes to apologize to his parents … They explain to him that he should never have spoken to him like that. But facing Julien, Alice maintains that she wants to see Kelly again, and take care of her.

They also take the opportunity and above all to teach him a great moral lesson on the harmful effects of cannabis. Once things are sorted out, Alice can go back to work … But a surprise awaits her in So Big Sun!

Because on the road, she believes Kelly, of course! She takes advantage of this moment to remind him that his place is not in the street. She therefore invites him to come into the Bastide house …

Not sure, however, that the tensions will subside. Because Julien sure doesn’t seem to be able to trust Kelly! The great family of Such a great sun is therefore starting to tear apart around the young woman …


Julien therefore exposes his thoughts to Alice: for him, Kelly is a manipulator, and she will pose a lot of problems. His wife does not seem to agree, and recalls that the young woman had left of her own accord …

Not convinced, Julien is interrupted by a determined Kelly! She doesn’t want to create a problem … And the solution Julien proposed could work out the whole team of Un si grand soleil.

So he wants her to move into the hotel. Visibly worried for the health of his son and that of the Bastide family, he hopes to see her leave. But Alice still opposes her husband!

Alice even supports the young woman: she has nothing to do with the problems of the Bastide couple, on the contrary. Julien will he appreciate this focus before his eyes? Answer in Un si grand soleil!


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