Un si grand soleil: Johanna determined


Johanna is determined to save her couple, weakened in recent months. Johanna’s future seems to be cloudy. Indeed, the pretty blonde will have to fight in order to save her couple, very weakened in recent months.

Indeed, the young woman who is on bad terms with Ludo, confides in her friend Sabine. In an excerpt unveiled by France 2, Johanna gives herself up to her friend.

Looking crestfallen, she admits that she misses her darling. His friend then gives him valuable advice, so that she can win him back.

She suggests that he put water in his wine. It’s up to Johanna to put in the effort if she wants her sweetheart to come back to her and their story to continue.

And the pretty blonde therefore seems ready to make an effort in relation to what her girlfriend has told her. Back at the roommate, she decides to apply her good resolutions.


The young lawyer therefore decides to have a discussion with her Ludo. She will therefore lay her cards on the table in order to save her marriage with her darling.

Very taken by her work, she therefore confides to her darling that she will do everything to arrange his lifestyle. She wants to spend quality time with Ludo.

A few weeks ago, the young woman was planning to take a trip to Patagonia with her darling. She will therefore speak with Ludo in order to find lasting solutions to save her marriage.

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But then, will Johanna manage to save him? Her relationship problems run deeper than they seem, but she tries to persuade herself otherwise.

Will Johanna save her relationship with Ludo? So will the lawyer be prepared to make concessions for the year to come? The answer tonight at 8:40 p.m. in Un si grand soleil on France 2.


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