Un si grand soleil: Florent leaves Claire after betrayal!


The couple of Florent and Claire will not survive this eventful week that awaits them in Un si grand soleil! We tell you everything.

Florent and Claire are going to break up in the Un si grand soleil suite!

It’s a new week for the characters of the So Big Sun series. Indeed, fans will be able to find their favorite couple.

But love seems to have a hard time finding its way into So Big Sun. In fact, we even expect a few clouds on the horizon!

Starting with the couple of Claire and Florent. Remember, the young woman cheated on the lawyer with Joshua. And not just once!

Florent for his part was nevertheless ready to forgive him. Indeed, he put all his pride aside and preferred to give his couple a second chance.

But he just found out that she was in cahoots with Miriam in a series of heists! A truth hard to take for the lawyer.


So it’s shaping up to be a tough week for the characters of Such a Big Sun. After forgiving Claire, Florent finds himself in full doubt after these new revelations.

The couple then decide to take a break from their relationship. In fact, there is one that seems ready to take advantage! It is indeed Sabine.

Enzo, for his part, really likes Claire and does not know where to turn. But the lawyer and the nurse are struggling with their separation.

Indeed, they are missing each other! Will their couple survive this new obstacle? Only time will tell, but not tomorrow!

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Indeed, France 2 will not air an episode of Un si grand soleil this Tuesday, November 17. The soap opera will have to give way to current affairs, which always takes precedence.

The channel plans to broadcast an exclusive interview with the former President of the United States, Barack Obama. He will return to the publication of the first volume of his memoirs: A Promised Land.


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