Un si grand soleil: Becker seems to be keeping a secret!


Becker just remembered something from So Big Sun. But would it be on the shooting or on another subject? The intrigue around Virgil and Elsa continues in So Big Sun. The police do not trust Hassan at all. And they are quite right. But another character will remember something. And this is Becker. We tell you more.

Alex just got expert feedback from Hassan’s phone. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The only call that was made from his phone could not be found. He was made of an untraceable motive. So it doesn’t work for the moment.

But Manu is convinced that Hassan is linked to the shooting. From our side we also know that he wanted to kill Kira so that she wouldn’t speak. So he has a lot to hide from the police. And they’re slowly realizing it in Such a Big Sun.

Manu therefore joins Virgil and informs him of the situation. He thinks Hassan wants to kill him and is therefore very afraid they will come back to them. Despite everything, he swears not to abandon Elsa and continues to protect her even though the danger is there.


In Un si grand soleil, it’s time for Philou’s funeral. Becker attends the ceremony. He vows never to forget Philou’s heroic deed. But suddenly, after this emotional day, the man will have a flash.

He just remembered something. He remembers the arrest of an elderly woman as he receives his medal. But when Janet asks him what’s wrong, Becker lies to her. He tells her to think about the shooting.

But once alone, Clément throws his medal into the sea. What did Becker just think of in Un si grand soleil? We will surely know in the next episodes of the series.


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