Un si grand soleil: Arthur is settling next to his grandmother!


In the next episodes of Un si grand soleil, Arthur will pack up to move in with his grandmother. Attention spoilers! This Thursday, December 31, the So Big Sun series will focus on Arthur’s future. Frankly annoyed, he will move in with his grandfather.

Enough is enough ! In the soap opera Un si grand soleil, Arthur has come to the end of it. Indeed, the young man no longer wants to live with his father at all.

So before he goes to class, the person tells him his decision: he packs his bags from home. So Arthur plans to move in with his grandmother.

However, Julien (Jérémy Banster) cannot bear to see him leave. So the father begs him to stay, and promises him one thing: the situation will get better.

But Arthur persists and signs: he is leaving and can no longer stay by her side. A real turnaround in the series Un si grand soleil.

So viewers have a lot to wonder about. What will Julien do to improve the situation? Will they end up patching up?

The least we can say is that Julien finds himself very moved. For the first time, he finds himself alone in his house. And that gives him the blues!


In any case, Arthur is not the only one to be given a new life in the series So big sun. Yes, Kelly is also making a new start!

So it’s Alice who drops her off at the station. Before offering a warm farewell, the young woman then thanked her for everything she did for her.

In fact, she also promised to give him news often. After all, the phrase “out of sight, out of heart” is by no means inevitable.

Afterwards, Kelly then took a train to Nîmes, where she will settle. How will his new life unfold? To be continued in Un si grand soleil.


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