Un si grand soleil: an unprogrammed soap opera!


The French soap opera of France 2 Such a great sun deprogrammed from the channel! We give you more details.

Such a great sun deprogrammed from the France 2 channel!

This Tuesday, November 17, fans of the French soap opera will have to deal with it differently. Indeed, the France 2 channel will not broadcast the new episode of Un si grand soleil.

And for good reason: news is a priority! Fans of the series Un si grand soleil will therefore be deprived of their favorite soap opera.

But rest assured, the program returns very quickly to the channel. Indeed, only the episode of Tuesday, November 17 is concerned.

The channel has therefore planned something else for its viewers that evening. Indeed, it plans to broadcast an exclusive interview with former US President Barack Obama.

During this interview, he will come back to the release of the first volume of his memoirs “A Promised Land”. These will be available from Fayard editions from November 17th. France 2 therefore marks the occasion.


It is therefore a great interview with Barack Obama that the channel will broadcast instead of the episode of Such a great sun. It will be available on France 2 from 8:40 p.m., or just after the 8 p.m. news.

But the chain will surely catch up with this delay. Which is reassuring for fans of the soap opera Un si grand soleil.

It is therefore possible that France 2 will broadcast an episode on Saturday. Information to be taken with a lot of tweezers since the channel has not formalized anything.

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In the meantime, fans can watch the episode on Monday, November 16. The channel will broadcast it from 8:40 pm.

Besides, those who missed the previous episodes, we have good news for you. The episodes are available on the France TV website.

You can then catch up. Indeed, they remain available up to 7 days after their broadcast on the channel. Something to reassure the few latecomers!


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