Umzug, Baby und Co.: Jenny Frankhauser in a new series!


Jenny Frankhauser (30) – I am Fernsen kal gevorden! The former queen of the jungle has not been seen on TV for a long time. A documentary about Besser’s life on social media. So she took her community with her through the ups and downs of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, her son is in this world. But in just a few weeks, we’ll take another look back at this breathtaking zeitgeist: a series about Jenny’s pregnancy will be released soon!

According to an official press release, Daniela Katzenberger’s sister (36 years old) has been accompanied by a film crew for the past nine months. “Jenny and Steffen in Babigluk”, which was released from the TV show, will premiere on TLC on November 9 live. Fans of an influential woman visit a doctor, see repairs in her house, as well as an intimate shot of Jenny’s stomach.

The four-part series is also available on discovery+ before it even goes on the air. The production guarantees that the exhibition will feature “great emotions, tense moments and a lot of laughter.” Are you going to watch Jenny’s show? Sofort!


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