Umbrella Academy: The 10 funniest quotes of the third season


WARNING! Big spoilers for the third season of The Umbrella Academy!

The premiere of the long-awaited third season of Umbrella Academy took place on June 22 and caused an ambiguous, but generally positive reaction from both fans and critics. This black superhero comedy is Netflix’s favorite franchise for combining touching family drama, funny characters and grandiose sci—fi storylines.

The show is coming back bigger and better than ever, with more musical numbers, sarcastic jokes and memorable supporting characters. Each character in this “institute of sarcastic offenders” brings an incredible amount of humorous witticisms and sardonic comments, which leads to a huge number of hysterical quotes this season alone.

note. One quote refers to Victor’s gender assigned at birth as he was before his transition.

The old-fashioned way
of “Oh, shit! We’re really good at this!”

Opening the new season with a bang, Diego presents a dance battle between Umbrellas and Sparrows under “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Surprising the audience, the musical numbers correspond to this absurd superhero series, and with each season the dance scenes become more complex.

The whole scene is hilarious, but it gets even funnier when Diego is pleasantly surprised when his brothers and sisters start dancing, and they do it really well. Not realizing that this happened because of Jaime’s hallucinogenic poison, Diego becomes more involved and spends time in his life until the party disappears. The hallucinations end, and Diego’s tough guy appearance enters the fray.

The genie’s wish
“There is nothing I would like more. Except probiotic yogurt, which doesn’t make me fart.”

Klaus, an icon of pansexuality and non-ordinary, is one of the most beloved characters of the series for his funny witticisms and incredible style. When Klaus was accidentally killed by his “nephew” in the third season, he decides to explore this newfound immortality and therefore asks for help from his father.

On a previous trip to find out if Reginald killed the Umbrella mothers, Klaus shows him how not to take the pills that the Sparrows impose on him. Feeling better than ever, Reginald is more than happy to help. He listens as his unapproachable son explains his experience in the Void before offering to help experiment with Klaus’ powers. Klaus sincerely and cheerfully wants nothing more, except maybe a better probiotic yogurt.

Need anger management courses
“I’m ready to go… Mother! C ***! Bitch! Fuck off! Why don’t you want to work, you little bitch? sk!”

Having given Stanley to Diego under the pretext that he is their son, Lila loiters around the new timeline to do some shopping before planning to return to Berlin in 1989, from where she picked up Stanley. However, the Commission’s portfolio is out of order, and Lila is angry at the infinitesimal probability that this will happen.

In a hilarious display of anger over faulty technology, Lila throws her time-traveling briefcase onto a park bench, swearing profusely. It attracts the attention of passers-by and shocks the children nearby to the depths of their souls. Although this may not be the wittiest quote, nevertheless, it is this moment that splits.

Cactus Party
“Why do you hate tiny sandwiches?”

One of the best storylines of season 3 is Victor’s transition, which was implemented realistically, without overly dramatic or transphobic reactions. Taken hostage by the Sparrows, Luther misses Victor’s announcement and hears it from Diego. Given their complicated history, Luther wants to mark the occasion by officially welcoming Victor as a brother.

However, Diego claims that less is more when he realizes that Luther needs an excuse to throw a party. Knowing that they all have the same birthday, it’s no surprise that Umbrellas don’t like parties, but Luther thinks Diego is dissuading him because of his hatred of classic holiday food in this fun and tender scene.

Father of the Year
“Who are you? Sloppy? Fat? Sad girl? I forgot about the rest.”

While the rest of his siblings are fighting the mighty Sparrows, Klaus preaches peace and love before going to their father for answers. Hinting at Reginald’s clouded brain due to the drugs the kids give him, he doesn’t remember which member of Umbrella is Klaus.

Hilariously reducing the characters to physical/emotional attributes like “sloppy”, “fat” and “sad” means he probably means Diego, Luther and Victor (since he didn’t cross over). Reginald then explains to a confused Klaus that he has decided to adopt another group of children, not Umbrellas. It’s a fun exchange and a harbinger of brighter moments with this duo.

A good choice
is “20 bucks on a small one”.

When Victor breaks into a Kugelblitz brainstorming session in search of Harlan, Allison does not hesitate to confess to his murder.