Umbrella Academy Star Teases Klaus’ Season 4 Storyline With No Strength


Umbrella Academy star Robert Sheehan talked about what the Klaus storyline might look like in season 4 without his abilities. The third season of Umbrella Academy premiered on June 22, 2022 on Netflix and tells the story of the Hargreaves siblings after their actions in the 1960s greatly changed the current timeline. Not only did Sir Reginald Hargreaves (Colm Fiore) form Sparrow Academy instead of Umbrella Academy, but the original 6 Hargreaves don’t even exist in this timeline. Consequently, their leap from the 1960s into a timeline in which they do not exist created the grandfather paradox that caused Kugelblitz.

The Kugelblitz, or black hole, is uncontrollable and is gaining strength throughout the series, sucking in animals, people, and then entire cities. In the end, the Hargreaves follow a very suspicious plan formulated by Sir Reginald, and they manage to save the world. However, saving the world has had consequences, and the season ends with the Hargreaves discovering that they have lost their powers in an altered universe. The Hargreaves eventually disperse, and it remains to be seen how each of them fares without their powers.

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In an interview with CinemaBlend, Sheehan talked about what season 4 of Umbrella Academy could bring to Klaus without his abilities. Sheehan expressed excitement about exploring characters without their abilities, which he calls their “super-flaws.” Surprisingly, he actually hopes that Klaus is a complete mess without his powers and is not capable of being a normal person. In this way, he can guarantee that Klaus’ storyline will be interesting in the fourth season. Check out his statement below:

Oh, I guess I’ve always secretly been looking forward to a possible time when Umbrella’s team would be stripped of its powers, you know, stripped of its super-flaws. So I was very pleased. This is the perfect plot for catching fish, isn’t it? When you create these adults who from almost an old age were created to be superheroes, to do all these things, to be very capable and do such things. So the most interesting theatrical idea is to overthrow this performance, deprive them of all this and see what they are without it. I really hope that without him, Klaus will be an absolute mumble. That’s what I’d like to see. Just completely incapable of being a normal person. That’s really all I want. This will entertain me a lot in the next season of this show. And after that, who knows? Who knows what the bells and whistles will look like on this one?

That Sheehan thinks Klaus would be in a mess without his abilities is pretty interesting. Throughout the seasons, Klaus hated his abilities so much that he abused psychoactive substances to restrain them. This was the result of a traumatic childhood in which his father often locked him in a room with spirits to hone his powers. However, in the third season, Klaus finally used his abilities for the first time. He establishes a strange connection with Reginald from the new timeline and works with him to control his powers. During the season, Klaus discovers that he can rise from the dead and is immortal. He also visits the cemetery, where he finally faces his fear of spirits. While Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) also debuted with altered abilities, the discovery of Klaus’ new abilities and the apparent growth of his abilities are unlike anything else demonstrated by the Hargreaves.

Considering that Klaus has just learned how to use his powers and discovered his immortality, it is understandable that their loss will greatly affect him. Allison, Luther (Tom Hopper) and Diego (David Castaneda) all have close people to turn to, and can actually live much better without their powers. However, for Ben (Justin H. Min), Victor (Elliot Page), the Fifth (Aidan Gallagher) And they really have nothing but their abilities for Klaus. The course of their entire lives has always been focused on their powers, and because of them, the lives of all of them have been severely destroyed. As Sheehan stated, there is a high probability that they will feel unable to be normal without their abilities. We hope that an extension for season 4 is required for Umbrella Academy, which will allow the series to explore the life of Hargreaves without abilities.