Umbrella Academy: How Exactly do Teleportation Forces Work in Time Five


The Fifth’s special abilities are among the most significant at Umbrella Academy, but what exactly are the Fifth’s abilities at Umbrella Academy and how accurate are they? Inspired by Gerard Way’s popular comics, Umbrella Academy tells the story of several super-powered heroes who were trained to use their powers by the alien Reginald Hargreaves. Unfortunately, Sir Reginald was far from the ideal father for his children. As a result, his education left much to be desired.

The fifth is by far the most intriguing of all the Hargreaves siblings at Umbrella Academy. His powers are still relatively uncertain, in large part because he rebelled against Sir Reginald when he was still a child and made an unpredictable leap into the future only to find himself in a post-apocalyptic timeline. The fifth got stuck there and really began to understand his ability to manipulate the space-time continuum only when he was taken away by the Umbrella Academy’s temporary commission, decorated in the style of the 1950s. But, just like in the third season of Umbrella Academy, he’s still figuring out how to handle his superhuman abilities.

To truly understand what the powers of the Fifth are in Umbrella Academy, you need to understand the nature of the universe itself. In 1908, German mathematician Hermann Minkowski suggested that space and time should be considered as inextricably linked. “Space itself and time itself are doomed to dissolve into simple shadows, and only a certain union of both will preserve an independent reality,” he wrote. Albert Einstein relied on this in his theory of relativity, and modern science suggests that they were right. The Fifth, for his part, seems to be able to manipulate the space-time continuum at will, making him one of the most powerful members of the Hargreaves family of Umbrella Academy.


The fifth considers himself the most dangerous killer in the world, and this is largely because he has learned to use his power to teleport at will. He seems to have mastered this aspect of his power by jumping through space without much thought, but it’s draining nonetheless; despite claiming he could “do it all day” during the battle with his past self in the second season of Umbrella Academy, the experience of so many jumping was noticeably tedious. It is interesting to note that the power of the Fifth, apparently, allows him to avoid obstacles, because, unlike many teleports from comics, he is not afraid to accidentally find himself in the middle of another object.

Time Travel

The five of Umbrella Academy are also capable of time travel. Since time and space are connected, it makes sense that a creature that can travel through space at will can also jump through time. In fact, an unnamed number┬áThe Five Umbrella Academies appear to be able to open wormholes at will, essentially opening bridges connecting one point of spacetime to another. This is a remarkable feat, but unfortunately these wormholes are dangerously unstable. The fifth must mentally prepare complex calculations to allow him to control these wormholes, but even the smallest mistake can be disastrous. One of these mistakes led to the fact that the Fifth returned to the age of the child when he first tried to reunite with his family in the 1st season of “Umbrella Academy”, and the other scattered the Hargreaves siblings in the 2nd season of “Umbrella Academy”, which led to a crisis around the real story of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Big mistakes can be even worse; theoretically, wormholes can be accompanied by high radiation and exotic matter.

The third season of Umbrella Academy may well attribute an even greater degree of control over space-time to the Fifth. At some point in the season 2 finale, he literally reversed the flow of time around him to defeat Handler. This is a particularly impressive feat, and it suggests that the show hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface yet when it comes to what powers Fifth possesses at Umbrella Academy.

How does time travel work at Umbrella Academy?

Just as space and time are inextricably linked, the question of what the powers of the Fifth are at Umbrella Academy is necessarily entangled in the Umbrella Academy’s complex system of time travel rules. Unlike other popular time travel stories such as Avengers: Finale or Doctor Who, time travel at Umbrella Academy is not based on a multiverse or a history course set in stone. Rather, it illustrates the butterfly effect, in which there is only one timeline, but small changes made to the past can radically change the course of historical events later.