Umbrella Academy has much more crossover potential besides Call Duty


Having received the first wave of popularity thanks to the rental service, Netflix has become a household name thanks to the online streaming service, giving users access to entire seasons of prestigious shows, such as Breaking Bad, with just one touch. As the popularity of Netflix continues to grow, the streaming giant is trying to take over various aspects of the entertainment market. One of Netflix’s most controversial areas has been original content. While some shows manage to stand out from the crowd and make effective use of their phenomenally high budget, most of Netflix’s original offerings fail to do so. Fortunately, Umbrella Academy fits into the first category.

Originally aired in 2019, The Umbrella Academy is a show revolving around a family of failed superheroes, based on the comic book of the same name by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. Although the series has its share of action scenes, it is not immediately suitable for the video game format, but this did not prevent Call of Duty: Warzone from intersecting with it. Released yesterday, Warzone players can now purchase cosmetic kits based on the Cha-Cha and Hazel from Umbrella Academy, including themed skins, weapon blueprints and finishing tricks. While this crossover is good for fans, there are a few other games that might better match Umbrella Academy’s unique tone and style.

Other games that Umbrella Academy may intersect with

When it comes to pop culture crossovers in video games, one name immediately comes to mind these days. Over the past five years, Fortnite has managed to cross paths with almost all major licenses, from Star Wars to Marvel, DC and Halo. Most likely, if a big movie, TV show or game is released, then Fortnite will have at least one cosmetic product based on it. At the same time, Umbrella Academy has never crossed paths with Fortnite.

While “Umbrella Academy” is mostly a more down-to-earth take on the superhero genre, there is a mocking tone throughout the show, with full dance breaks occurring at least once a season. So with that in mind, it would make perfect sense for Umbrella Academy to come to Fortnite in one form or another, as the cartoon aesthetic and tone of the game fit well into the show. The simplest form of crossover would be skins based on the main cast of the Umbrella Academy, or even, perhaps, on the new characters of the Sparrow Academy.

But Fortnite is no stranger to doing its best with its crossovers, and its latest Dragon Ball is a prime example. A hypothetical Fortnite x Umbrella Academy crossover could include some form of time rifts or non-player characters based on the Temps commission attacking the player.

Although it doesn’t have as many crossovers as Fortnite, SMITE certainly rivals Battle royale in terms of utter absurdity when it comes to crossovers. Over the past year, SMITE has crossed paths with “Transformers”, “Very Strange Cases” and “Danny the Ghost”. Recently, SMITE even added the Slipknot group to the game, marking one of the strangest crossovers in the entire industry. With the precedent already set for The Umbrella Academy, it would be quite reasonable to cross paths with SMITE.

In terms of actual gameplay, The Umbrella Academy also fits well into the SMITE MOBA game, where each Academy member gets their own set of special abilities. Whether it’s just cosmetics or gameplay integration, The Umbrella Academy has great potential for video game crossovers beyond Call of Duty: Warzone.

Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix.


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