Umbrella Academy Copies Marvel in the worst possible way


Vnimanee! This article contains spoilers for the third season Umbrella Academy.

Sloan’s disappearance at the end of the 3rd season of Umbrella Academy, in case of failure, copies the choice made by Marvel in Avengers: Finale. The finale of the 3rd season of Umbrella Academy left many unanswered questions, and many plot threads hung in the process of preparing for the 4th season. Why Sloan didn’t get out of the elevator with professional Umbrella, Ben and Lila in the last episode is one of the biggest mysteries of the season.

After Reginald Hargreaves uses his children as batteries to power the car, restores peace at the Oblivion Hotel, each of them — along with the previously killed Luther — finds himself in a world with restored bodies and without his powers, with the phenomenon of exclusively Sloan. This sets Luther up to look for her next time.

The mission to find Sloan, on which Luther goes to the finale of the third season of “Umbrella Academy”, recalls Peter Quill’s quest to find Gamora after she disappeared after the “Finale”. Sloan and Gamora are perfection and interesting characters in their own right. Turning them into a quest for another character leads them to nothing more than an object to be influenced. This is a weak choice for the arc of their signs. It’s also a weaker choice for Peter Quilla and Luther Hargreaves; reducing their features to unambiguous knights torturing seized women who find themselves more than capable of withdrawing themselves.

Why replacing Gamora and Sloan’s Timeline is a Problem

In the Finale, the Gamora that disappears is different from the Gamora that Peter lost. This suggests that her character is not only an object to be sought and conquered, but also that Gamora is interchangeable and interchangeable with a believer who has never fallen in love with Peter as long as she looks the part. On previous occasions, Umbrella Academy has been introduced to Sloan, who has come in very handy for the team; Sloan is capable, smart and soulful. If the Sloan found in the new appearance is some kind of alternative to Sloan, and not the original who fell in love with Luther, it’s just as problematic. Making heavy female phenomena interchangeable and interchangeable is a bad look and suggests something deeply male—oriented in the story.

Umbrella Academy has a proven track record of making decisions regarding its views and storylines. As uncertain as Sloan’s fate is at the end of season 3, it is possible that there is something less problematic for Sloan in the series than in the “Finale” for Gamora. What awaits Umbrella Academy after the end of season 3 is not yet reported. At Umbrella Academy, there is an opportunity to take a worn-out, worn–out and problematic image and do something more interesting with it – in the process doing the right thing with Sloan.