Umbrella Academy Actors React to Season 3 Ending & Teases What’s Next


The cast of Umbrella Academy responds to the end of season 3 and teases the possibilities of what will happen in season 4. One of the successes of Umbrella Academy is the show’s ability to raise the stakes with each season, making it increasingly difficult for Umbrella Academy to save the world. This is partly due to the fact that siblings are messing with the space-time continuum, creating paradoxes, and their family dynamics continue to change. What their goal is in season 4 of Umbrella Academy is still unknown, as it is unclear if they have an apocalypse they have to fight.

The third season of Umbrella Academy, like seasons 1 and 2, ends with a cliffhanger after the Hargreaves siblings from Umbrella Academy and the remaining Sparrows save the world. However, instead of traveling back in time to the 1960s or meeting their alternate version of brothers and sisters, this time they remain completely powerless. Another question that remains unanswered is whether every member of Sparrow Academy still exists after Umbrella Academy saves the world and restores the timeline, as evidenced by the reunion of Allison (played by Emmy Raver-Lampman) with his daughter Claire. The curious disappearance of a member of the Vorobyov Academy Sloan also remains an open question as she was there right up until the end of the episode.

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The actors of Umbrella Academy recently spoke with EW to express their opinion on how season 3 ended and what they think could happen in season 4, despite the fact that the series has not yet been officially renewed for season 4. Aidan Gallagher (Fifth), believes that their impotent reality will affect each brother and sister differently: some are struggling to accept their fate, and some accept it in the hope of leading a normal life. Ritu Arya (Leela) notes that, in her opinion, her character will have to make more efforts to adapt to a helpless life, as she believes that “Leela’s confidence largely depends on her ability to imitate everyone’s abilities. “Robert Sheehan (Klaus) shares this opinion because Klaus finally hones his powers in season three only to be stripped of them. On the contrary, Raver-Lampman believes that Allison could have achieved more success without her abilities. Read the actors’ thoughts below:

Aidan Gallagher: I think it depends on the siblings. Who will eventually struggle with this reality instead of accepting it and trying to carve out a semblance of a normal life? One of us has to open a bakery. Do a couple of us run the store? Can be fun!

Emmy Raver-Lampman: Without [Allison’s] abilities, she began to love the woman she was becoming and discovered other sides of herself that she didn’t know existed because she used to rely on the easiest way out of a situation. with her powers. Her time in the 60s with Ray is this bubble of silence that she’s never had before… There’s a part of me that thinks she’s going to be fine because her love life really seemed easier when she didn’t have them.

Ritu Arya: I think Laila’s confidence depends a lot on her ability to imitate everyone’s abilities. It would be very interesting for me to see her without it, and if she was as uninhibited or aloof— or just very awkward and bumping into walls.”

David Castaneda: I would like Luther and Diego to work in a theme park.

Joking aside, the loss of their abilities represents an intriguing start to Season 4 of Umbrella Academy, especially if all family members have to be involved to regain their strength, just as 7 members were needed in season 3 of Umbrella Academy to finish Kugelblitz. If this is the case, there is an opportunity for more family conflict and deepening of the relationship when you see how family members who want to remain powerless will struggle either to help their brothers and sisters regain their strength, or to try to convince their brothers and sisters to remain powerless. .

Another plot point that will need to be explored in season 4 of Umbrella Academy is how Luther will move forward if Sloan doesn’t exist in the recoverable timeline. Part of this, apparently, will be due to the fact that Luther will deal with the survivor’s guilt for being brought back to life in the restored timeline. What’s even worse is that since Klaus can no longer talk to the dead, Luther will be really cut off from Sloan, which may give rise to his motivation to somehow restore Klaus’ powers, even if he prefers to be powerless. Viewers will have to wait to see if the 4th season of Umbrella Academy will be shown, although it is likely that Netflix will let the show run its course and eventually provide answers to this major cliffhanger.