Ultrakill: The best keyboard shortcuts for weapons


First binding Second binding

Retro first-person shooters were known not only for their brutality, but also for their speed, and Ultrakill is no different. With an army of bloodthirsty robots to kill and just a few worn-out weapons to kill them, it will be all the player can do to survive. Choosing the right equipment, learning the weaknesses of enemies, and navigating the levels correctly are all vital, but there is an even more important consideration: key bindings.

FPS games don’t get much faster or more hectic than Ultrakill, and the player needs the best bindings they can to keep up with all that speed and violence. Each player has their own opinion about which key bindings are the “best”, and ultimately, the player’s personal preferences are the determining factor, but there are still some bindings that tend to make life a little easier in the midst of command. Here are our recommendations for the best weapon key bindings in Ultrakill.

First binding

Key binding may seem like a minor problem in FPS compared to the silent protagonists and the endless hunt for key cards, but every FPS player understands the advantage of being able to change weapons or reload them a fraction of a second faster. Since in a heated battle, the correct key binding may be the only thing that keeps life alive, it is important to think through the details correctly. For PC players, it all starts with the mouse and keyboard.

PC bindings can be difficult to recommend, given that one player may have a mouse with 16 buttons, while another has only two default buttons and a scroll wheel. Ultrakilll has some great options for binding weapon keys, which makes such complex shooters a little easier. Here’s the first:

Pistol – F

Chain gun – With

Shotgun — R

Railgun – Z

Udar – E

Weapon Mod Exchange — M4 (Side mouse)

Replaceable mod on the arm – F

Grappling Hook – Mouse 3

Second binding

A common complaint among Ultrakill fans is the gameplay disruption caused by moving fingers with WASD (thus interrupting movement), and while opening the weapon wheel with Q is one solution, it’s not exactly smooth. Ultrakill is a short FPS, but that doesn’t mean that players want to drag out the fights. As an alternative to the aforementioned weapon key bindings, the player can use this configuration:

Pistol – 1

Shotgun – 2

Chain Gun – Q

Railgun – R

Udar – E

Swap weapon modifications — CTRL

Replacement mod for the hand — mouse 4

Grappling Hook – Mouse 5

Ultrakill is a fantastic example of its genre, so any re—linking that can make the game easier and more attractive for players is a victory. Rewinding the Railgun to R instead of Z can make switching to this weapon smoother, since the arm position required for the Z-permutation can be burdensome for some. For many players, linking the hand option to the side mouse button makes it easier to switch on the fly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing an underrated first-person shooter or the most popular shooters, don’t forget to be patient when learning new keyboard shortcuts to give them time to see if they’re a real improvement, as there are often frequent gropings early on. Ultimately, the best keyboard shortcuts are the ones the player prefers.

Ultrakill is now available for PC.


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