Ultimate BOT Glitch gives a bow of light when starting the main mode


The new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild crash gives players an almighty Bow Of Light whenever they start a new game. The latest Zelda game from Nintendo is filled with a lot of interesting secrets, tricks and glitches that players can discover. The developers of Breath of the Wild even noted that they intentionally left many technical features in the finished product in order to enhance the sense of discovery when exploring the vast kingdom of Hyrule.

Many of these glitches were used to give players an edge in their quest to defeat Ganon, or to offer Link power-ups while battling the bumbling BOTW Guardians, as well as to allow players to obtain the iconic Main Sword earlier than usual. Link usually gets Princess Zelda’s powerful Bow of Light just right before the final boss battle against the Dark Beast Ganon in “Breath of the Wild”. The weapon turns out to be one of the most valuable tools in the game due to its high attack power, endless supply of light arrows and endless durability. Unfortunately, players lose the Bow of Light if they continue to explore the open world of BOTW after the game.

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However, the recently discovered glitch of Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild allows players to transfer all their gear (including the Bow of Light) to a brand new save file, even when playing in the difficult Master Mode. YouTuber Gaming Reinvented details how this glitch works in his latest video (as reported by Nintendo Life), explaining that the player will first need to overload the game by arming one of the BOTW bows with shock arrows, and then dropping the bow and picking it up again. again repeatedly. They will then need to hold one to four different items at a time after Link becomes temporarily invisible before taking the bow again and selling those items. Once players have completed the long and complex process, they will be able to transfer any BOTW items they wish to a new save file, placing them in four inventory slots that contained previously sold items.

Gaming Reinvented notes that this item transfer glitch has many different uses, allowing players to start a new Master Mode with valuable tools, such as the Breath of the Wild Champion abilities or Link glider, available from the beginning. Players can repeat this process over and over again until all of Link’s inventory slots are affected, allowing them to carry their entire arsenal and even accumulate ammo and consumable items by the thousands. In addition, usually a one-time Bow of Light can be transferred by placing it in one of the slots for items with errors right before the final boss battle, with the player going to the main menu to repeat the failure process once for the last time.

While there is no shortage of bugs in Breath of the Wild that can help players become the most powerful creature in Hyrule, this latest exploit may be one of the most useful and versatile bugs found in the game at the moment. A year before the release of the untitled sequel BOTW on the Nintendo Switch, fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have enough time to try out the newest glitch and uncover even more secrets and tricks inside. The kingdom of Khairul.