Ukrainian Famous Hacker Arrested


The hacker who has done one of the biggest data theft ever has been arrested.

A hacker named Sanix in Ukraine recently signed one of the largest data theft in the world. Sanix shared more than 700 million emails in a popular forum in early 2019. In addition, Sanix, which steals people’s personal information, was selling this information for money.

According to information reported by Troy Hunt, this hacker known as Sanix did not only steal their email addresses. Information that the hacker stole included people’s e-mail passwords, crypto wallet information, credit card codes, PayPal account information.

Arrested in Ukraine
The Ukrainian police, who has been searching for Sanix for a long time, managed to catch itself in the west of Ukraine. According to a press release in Ukraine, police raided Sanix’s home in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. During this raid, a 2-terabyte file and an electronic device worth 10 thousand dollars were confiscated. Here are the images of the edition held in Ukraine:


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